Vinyl Sheds

Vinyl siding is maintenance-free and offers a limited lifetime warranty. Choose from a palette of siding, trim and door colors to coordinate your building with your house. We may even be able to match your house siding!* Vinyl is an excellent siding choice for people who don’t want to fuss with the upkeep of their shed. We offer them in the standard style as well as a ‘Premier’ style with an upgraded exterior look. All storage sheds are delivered fully built and ready for use on the same day!


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Standard Vinyl Sheds

Our Premier vinyl-sided shed line offers the discriminating buyer an alternative to our standard vinyl buildings. A ‘Premier’ package includes several upgrades to dress the exterior of the building up giving you a high end look. These include custom gable end vents, steeper roof pitch, extended overhangs, wider windows w/panel-style shutters, transom windows in or above double doors & black hardware. Beyond that; there are even more options available like scalloped or cedar shake vinyl, cupolas, full glass doors, skylights, etc.

The basic ‘Premier’ package is 15% more than the base price of a standard vinyl shed. For example: the extra cost to upgrade a 10×14 Vinyl 6′ wall Cottage is around $500.

Note: The Premier line of vinyls includes an extended overhang on all sides making the entire building ‘wider’. So, any shed that is 12′ wide at the footprint will become an oversized load with those overhangs and will require additional permits and escort fees (up to $600 more). To avoid this fee on 12′ wide buildings, we can cut the roof line close on both eave sides but still extend the gable ends. Your choice!

Premier Vinyl Sheds

Interior Views

Specifications may vary. All measurements are outside and approximate. Width measurements are from overhang to overhang. Prices are subject to change. 12′ wide Premiers, 12′ wide Quaker-style and all 14′-wide structures require an oversized load certified escort, which is an additional fee. Customer is responsible for site preparation and permits. *Vinyl siding matches may cost more depending on brand/style/availability.