Chicken Coops, Dog Kennels & Rabbit Hutches

‘COUNTRY GOODNESS IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD!’ Chicken Coops, Dog Kennels, Rabbit Hutches, Pigeon Houses!

Our Amish-crafted chicken coops, dog kennels, rabbit hutches and pigeon houses are the perfect shelter choice for your beloved pets. And yes, even a chicken needs a good home to be a productive egg layer!

Constructed with high quality materials with a lot of care and attention given to the details. Some chicken coop options include heated roosts, electric packages, wheels, detachable pens, and automatic doors. In our dog kennels; you can choose to add electric, heated floors in the boxes, deluxe dogie doors, stainless steel feeding bowls, storage lofts, built-in exhaust fans and much more. As with all the buildings we sell; you choose the colors and options you want. The shelters are pre-fabricated and typically delivered fully built. However, many of the smaller-sized shelters can be shipped* anywhere in the continental U.S. via freight in KIT form. Rabbit Hutches are usually shipped fully built.

CHICKEN COOPS : Chicken Coop Brochure 2015


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DOG KENNELS: 2015 Dog Kennel Brochure

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Specifications may vary. All measurements are outside and approximate. Width measurements are from overhang to overhang. Prices are subject to change. 14′-wide structures require an oversized load certified escort, which is an additional fee. Customer is responsible for site preparation and permits.